Training and continuing education is a very important part of the travel industry and cannot be trivialized. Our members receive instruction from our preferred vendors through online courses, webinars and at our conferences & meetings with the Owners’ Committee. Training is also available via our exclusive online training platform. We are the only group of travel agencies offering a training program approved by the Canadian Institute of Travel Counselors (CITC).

Continuing education

In collaboration with our partners, we offer a multitude of free online training courses to continually deepen and maximize your knowledge: cruises, destinations, weddings, groups, and more.

Online training

Accessible via the dashboard, our online training tool consists of two components; the first provides you with around thirty online courses in the form of short videos, which you can follow at your own pace, without time constraints and pause them in the event of an interruption. A significant advantage compared to standard webinars. The second allows you to follow the training activity of your agents in real time, following up with them and filling any gaps in their knowledge. You will always be aware of the level of training of your agents, the courses taken and the level of service they can offer your clientele.

Exclusive trips

What better way to sell a product, then to use the item yourself?
We offer exclusive familiarization trips to all our members, which allows you to discover and experience different types of cruising; destination cruises, group cruises, wedding cruises, shore based excursions and other types of vacation experiences. This will help you deepen your travel knowledge; passing along useful tricks and tips to customers, offering guidance to clients – placing them on vacations that best matches their personalities and making you a valuable resource for them to use. Increased knowledge and experience translates into increased customer satisfaction, retention and sales.
You may also have a little bit of fun, along the way!

Cruise Ship Training

Every fall, cruise ships make a port call in Canada. Whenever possible, Vasco Travel takes this opportunity to create an event during which franchisees and independent advisers can visit these ships while taking advantage of training given by cruise line representatives.