Agreements with preferred suppliers

Vasco Travel & The Cruise Ship Universe generate a significant amount of annual revenue, normally in the hundreds of millions of dollars. We negotiate annually with the most important suppliers of the travel industry in order to be able to offer all our agencies the most competitive services and commission rates.
Thanks to these business relationships and its partnership approach, Vasco Travel can offer all the agencies in its network; training, high commission rates, discounts and several other important benefits that are rarely seen in the industry.

Regional congresses and conferences

Each year, Vasco Travel organizes a congress, a gala as well as various training courses, familiarization trips, owners’ meetings and round tables in which each member is actively invited to participate. As part of these events, discussions and conferences focus on many themes: business development, new technologies, market trends, advertising, etc.
These make it possible to facilitate exchanges between members and privileged partners, while helping to create and strengthen business links.

In branch store

We offer our members the possibility of developing an agency store by selling various travel items. Suitcases can be purchased from the head office at extremely low cost and various accessories can be ordered at a discount from our supplier.

Tech support

We work closely with an exceptionally efficient technology company who is available to meet your needs, help you improve your tools, create new ones, and much more. They are also always available to answer your questions and are your main contact for all technological support. There might be some charges depending on your requirements.

Employee discounts

Vasco Travel has developed a network of suppliers working in different fields and with whom we have agreed preferential rate agreements that can be applied to all members of the network. As a result, your agency and / or agents will obtain substantial discounts from these suppliers.

First Data Solutions

In order to reduce costs, Vasco Travel has an agreement with First Data for all agencies wishing to obtain an electronic payment terminal.

Hotel program

In order to offer its members an additional sales tool, Vasco Travels holds an agreement allowing you access to more than 160,000 hotels around the world with very advantageous pre-negotiated NET rates or with guaranteed commissions ranging up to 15%.

Saber and Saber Vacations

All of our members have free access to Saber and Saber Vacations. We grant one PC per agency which can then be used to access this reservation system free of charge.

Premium Tours

This tour operator was set up to offer travel agencies direct and professional access to exclusive cruises and tours, in addition to offering an excellent commission rate. The shares of this company are held by several of the agency owners of the group.

Elite Member Program

Vasco Travel implemented this incentive program in order to recognize members who stood out during the year. Member are recognized during the annual Gala evening.

External agents recruitment

If you want to increase the number of your outside agents, we can help you do that. There are currently programs in place for this purpose and we can help you with the composition of your ads and the best places to display them. Interviewing potential additions to your team is also a service we can provide.

Customer financing

Vasco Travel Agencies can now offer financing up to $ 5,000 of the cost of a trip, to all of your interested clients quickly and easily, without any legal involvement required from the agency.

Shared groups

You will be able, via the dashboard, to share and / or benefit from the groups offered by all the members of the network. This give you the ability as an agency, to offer your customers an even greater range of exclusive products and allows you to be able to fill your missing places with other agencies, if necessary.

Reports and Comparative Data

We publish our partnership reports annually, in addition to providing you with comparative data that will allow you to see your return on investment, an important element for many.

Reserved spaces

We have the possibility of offering you several cruise departures with each of our various privileged partners. This allows you to stay competitive and gives you access to exclusive savings and several added values.

Privileged access

Our members have access to dedicated telephone lines for reservations, cruises and groups with Intair, Premium Tours, Air Canada Vacations and Sunwing. Avoid the eternal ‘hold’.

Avantages Vasco

Vasco Advantage Card

Customers of our Vasco branches will now be able to access various products, discounts, advantages, etc. which will serve them before, during and after their trip. This card will help our members retain existing customers and will also invite future customers to come to one of our branches.

For each customer purchase, an amount will be deposited in a trust account and will be allocated to the customer for a future purchase. This amount represents between 0.5% and 1% of the commission-able amount of the purchased trip.

This percentage will, of course, be paid by the agencies directly and given to customers. Then, in addition to having the ability to accumulate dollars, the card will also allow the customer to access various benefits offered by our participating partners.

Everything is computerized and each client will have their own password which will allow them to access their file where they can manage their accumulated dollars. The list of terms, conditions and modalities for each claim of dollars or benefits are available on the website.

Carte Avantages Vasco