A Vasco Travel franchisee should expect to invest from $40,000 to 60,000, which includes the $25,000 franchise fee, opening expenses and working capital.

Available Financing

Several capitalization options are available to entrepreneurs and VASCO TRAVEL can offer you help to find financing. Terms and condition may vary.


VASCO TRAVEL has a very unique vision, different from other franchisors. Most organizations base their members’ fees on a percentage of the turnover achieved, whereas we prefer to opt for a fixed monthly price; including the advertising fund and management of the network websites. Whether your agency has $1 million or $10 million in revenue, your royalties will remain the same.

Turn-key Operation

A “turnkey” option may also be a possibility for future franchisees. Voyage Vasco can take care of furnishing, renovating and equipping your premises from A to Z, if this is the desired option.