The marketing objective of VASCO TRAVEL is to convey the name and brand image of the franchise on a regular and reoccurring basis, using all available media in order to maintain our visibility and to establish our self as a reference for all travel requests. In addition to common advertising for all franchisees, we allow individual franchisees the freedom to advertise locally, in the media of their choice.

Unlike other travel agency networks, Vasco Travel, in collaboration with its preferred suppliers, offers free advertising to all of its agencies; a major advantage.


Network Marketing

Each year, more than half a million dollars is invested in the marketing of the Vasco Travel brand, through a multitude of mediums that benefit each agency. Television and radio campaigns, billboards, magazine advertisements, newspapers and moving advertising – we explore all options to ensure that the brand is recognized by everyone.

Individual Marketing

In addition to the advertising budget for the entire Vasco Travel community, reserves are allocated for marketing actions carried out individually, by our members. Agencies just need to put together a marketing plan and our team will see to it how it can best be implemented at the optimal rate.

Facebook Contest / Targeting

It is possible for the member to arrange, in a paid collaboration with one of our suppliers, a Facebook contest that will allow the agency to collect details on its clientele, in order to better target them. Clients will be required to complete a pre-defined form, for which the agency will have previously chosen the questions, which once compiled will give the agency information to develop a considerable customer database. This database then forms the basis of a target market profile for the region, enabling tailor made approaches to the area.

Key tag

A traceable key tag that you can give to your customers, which bears the image of Vasco Travel. If a person were to find a lost key chain, a few simple online steps will direct them to the contact information of the owner, usually an email address or a contact number.

Advertising Fund

The vast majority of Vasco Travel’s marketing budget comes from funds negotiated with our partners. The agencies make a small contribution to this fund by paying $ 100 per month. Managed by a committee of franchisees elected by their peers, this budget is used only for provincial campaigns.

FAMILY brochure

A special brochure is produced annually to facilitate your sales on “with children” products offered by our partners. Another tool that sets you apart from the competition and this brochure serves as both an instrument for the agent and a reference for the client.

Wedding Brochure

A dream brochure with all the information, details and great destinations that can help your clients plan and celebrate the wedding of their dreams at destination. Definitely a must have that should be in easy eyesight of your clientele.

Vasco Gift Card

A gift card is a unique and memorable present that will always be very popular with your client’s friends, colleagues or family. The customer just has to decide how much they want to give as a gift and then you wait for your new client to turn up. A win – win for all parties involved!


Different media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. who share the latest promotions with its members. The Vasco Facebook page, which has 17,000 members, is also regularly sponsored and each agency has access to products displayed in the general Facebook page. Each agency is also given their own Facebook page to connect with their clients.


Vasco Travel has uploaded informational videos addressed to subscribed customers, made by various representatives, as well as professional productions created by our much loved Globe-Trotters on trips around the world, that detail their experiences.


Vasco Travel has recently developed a section dedicated strictly to your younger customers. Children aged 2 to 10 will now be entitled to a small gift when purchasing a trip that includes them and will be able to access various informative and entertaining sections from a tab specially reserved for them on our website.