The Vasco website, online since 1999, has everything a travel site could want. Whether it is our southern reservation tools, cruises, flights, Canadian getaways or insurance, our daily specials or our unique cruise database; all customers will find the information they are looking for. Built to the very latest technological standards, including responsive design, the Vasco Travel site adapts to all types of browsers and devices, with no app to download and no platform restrictions. With nearly 100,000 visitors each month redirected to the nearest agency, this is a tool that will allow you to generate additional profits.

Agency and Multi-agent site

Vasco Travel provides you with a proven and responsive transactional site, just like the parent company. In addition, you can also offer your agents and external agents the same type of website, personalized and under their own address. Professional and high-end, you will save thousands of dollars in web creation.

Booking engine

As a member, you have access to various online booking engines. In addition, with our cruise search and booking engine, your customers can obtain the inventory of cruise lines in just a few clicks.


The dashboard is first and foremost our main communication tool. Via our message center, you can read and send internal memos. It is also the starting point for most of the Ulysses Suite and your dashboard allows you to easily manage information and applications. Simple to use, it follows you everywhere and will quickly become an integral tool in your operation.

Group module

The group module allows you to easily and efficiently manage your groups via the dashboard. Once added to the module, your group is displayed directly on your website. You can also, with a few clicks, share your group with all the agencies in the system and benefit from a distribution network. In addition, you get direct access to the inventory of all groups registered by Vasco Travel agencies and will be able to provide your clients with a range of choices from groups organized by your partners.

CRM (Customer Relations Management)

This utility allows you to manage your customer database and enables you to send various emails, wishes, promotions or others items to them in a simple and targeted way, according to their interests. A brilliant tool for any agency wishing to maintain healthy and efficient contact with its customers.


Soltec is an accounting system specially created for travel agencies. Efficient and robust, Soltec is much less expensive than the alternatives and is directly linked to the customer relations management system set up for agencies in the group.

Atrium TV

Atrium TV manages advertisements in the form of banners on your website and the module is also connectable to any type of screen which a computer can use. You will be able to display on a TV monitor in your agency; specials, travel photos, travel and weather info – directly from the dashboard. Easy to use, it allows the agency to manage its advertising content itself or to display predetermined advertisements provided by head office.


Add that personal after-sales touch by having a personalized email from you – to your client, automatically sent after booking. In it they’ll find details about their trip and a wide variety of travel related website links, which they can use as reference points and sources to answer questions they may have. Subsequently, upon their return, they will receive another email inquiring about their vacation and encouraging them to share their feedback with you. Keeping in close contact with your customers is essential – it is always easier and less expensive to retain a current client, then it is to seek out new ones.

Your Website

How about having a site at the cutting edge of technology? The Atrium Group can create a completely personalized website for your business, with online booking tools (B2C) at no additional cost! Maintaining and updating your site can be handled by your team or ours, the choice is yours. An absolute necessity in today’s travel industry.

Dashboard is a password protected website that has been designed for our member agencies. This offers our franchisees tools and services such as group departures, privileged agreements with suppliers, familiarization trips, news updates, letter templates, commission rates established with our suppliers and a host of other features. This tool is also our member communication portal.


Sending a newsletter to thousands of customers every week is a huge task. The Vasco Travel marketing module will do it for you with formidable efficiency and precision. Management of subscriptions, statistics, customer retention – all the tools necessary for a good advertising campaign are gathered under the same solution.

Phone System

Answering the phone while having the client’s file, personal information and travel history in front of you, is now possible. With our hybrid telephone system, using the flexibility of IP technology and the reliability of landlines, all of your customer’s information will be displayed on the screen before you even pick up the handset. Your agents spend less time in question mode to focus on what really matters; sales and customer retention. A technology worthy of the biggest call centers offered exclusively to our members.