The technology takes a huge place in our industry and has established itself a while ago like one of the worst threat for the travel agent when it is now its first principal allied.

As a leader in the travel agency franchise business, Vasco Travel has to, not only follow the rhythm of the industry but also to innovate, create and deliver the merchandise. Vasco Travel gives to its franchisees the necessary tools in order for a business to obtain the success expected as well as a first-choice team to support them. Whether you are new in the travel industry or working in it for years, Vasco Travel does everything possible to facilitate the management of your agency and to increase its profitability. Our tools and technical developments are a big part of it all!


The Vasco web site, online since 1999, as everything a travel web site can be expected to have. Whether it is our South reservation tools, cruises, flights or insurances, our daily specials or our unique cruise data base, every customer will be able to find what they are looking for. Our web site receives thousands of different visitors each month and the calls or reservations it generates are all directed towards the closest agency from the one chosen by the customer. This site allows also the Vasco Travel customers to consult online the inventories of different cruise companies, to make online reservations and to benefit from real time costs, offers and displayed promotions. The site also puts a complete cruise guide at the disposition of web customers. It is a tool that will allow you to generate supplementary benefits.


Vasco Travel offers you a B2C search engine allowing customers of agencies affiliated with the Vasco Travel banner to consult online the inventories of various airlines and tour operators, to make a reservation and enjoy real-time rates, offers and promotions displayed. In addition, with our search engine and booking cruise, your customers get in a few clicks inventory of cruise lines. Easy to use and more complete, this tool demonstrates the specialization of Vasco Travel in terms of cruises.


The dashboard is first and foremost our main communication tool. Via our message center, you can read internal memos and even add your own. This is also the starting point for most of the applications of the Ulysses suite. Your dashboard allows you to manage your information and applications. Easy to use, it will follow you everywhere and will quickly become a must.


The group module allows you to easily and efficiently manage your groups via the dashboard. Once added to the module, your group is posted directly on your website. You can also, in a few clicks, share your group with all the agencies and thus enjoy a real distribution network. In addition, you get direct access to the inventory of all groups registered by Vasco travel agencies. You will therefore be able to provide your clients with a range of group choices organized by your peers.


Another module accessible via the dashboard, our online training tool consists of two components. The first one puts at your disposal about thirty online courses in the form of videos of short duration. You will be able to follow them at your own pace, without time constraints and even put them on pause in the case of an interruption. A significant advantage as opposed to standard webinars. The second component also allows you to follow in real time the training activity of your agents. You will therefore always be aware of the agent's level of education and the courses taken.


The functions of the GRC are as varied as they are powerful. It's not just a customer database, it's the heart of your agency. More than forty qualifying fields; general information, travel history, passport, interests, relationships and more. By centralizing the information and intelligence of your company, you will greatly increase the productivity and communication of your team.


This tool enables all agencies to provide after-sales support to their customers. This automated system sends two separate e-mails that are sent to the customer. The first will thank your client for his support and trust in your agency and will include a list of links and tips for his trip. The second e-mail will greet your client on his return trip and will encourage him to share his comments through an online survey. This tool allows the agent to develop a business relationship with his clients while standing out from the competition.


The Atrium TV module initially manages advertisements in the form of banners on your website. The module is also accessible to any type of screen to which a computer can connect. So, you can display in your agency, your specials or your travel photos on the big screen, directly from the dashboard. Easy to use, it allows the agency to manage its own advertising content, or display predetermined advertisements by the head office otherwise, but in either case, your customers will have full of sight!


Diversify your income thanks to the Vasco Travel Online Shop. Suitcases and accessories for travelers are available on the website, allowing your customers to find their essential travel.


Sending a newsletter to thousands of customers every week is a huge task. That's why our newsletter module will do it for you with great efficiency and accuracy. Management of subscriptions and unsubscribing, statistics of openness and click, in short, all the tools necessary for a good advertising campaign are united under the same solution.


Answering the phone while having the customer's file, personal information and travel history is now possible. With our hybrid telephone system, utilizing the flexibility of IP technology and landline reliability, all of your customer's information will be displayed on the screen even before you pick up the handset. Your agents spend less time in questions mode to focus on what really matters, sales and customer loyalty. Technology worthy of the largest call centers exclusively available to our members.


Always at the avant-garde of new technologies, Vasco Travel was the first agency network to position itself on the social networks in Canada and is still the lead with many thousand followers. Whether it is on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, we are active and to be able to stay on top, we have put in place a team responsible to make sure to have an appropriate daily content.