A basic training is offered to every new franchisee. This training totalize over 100 hours of training allowing the franchisee to learn more about the travel industry but also to familiarize with the implantation process of an agency. This training is given in 4 parts: one preparatory online; one in class; one in a Vasco Travel agency already in operation and a last one in the agency of the new franchisee.


Vasco Travel, in collaboration with its partners, offers you multiple online training in order to maximize your knowledge on different products offered by our service partners. These training are free for all Vasco Travel agents.


Each fall, cruise ships are coming to Quebec City and Montreal. Vasco Travel takes advantage of that opportunity in order to create an event during which the owners and agents can come to visit different ships while benefiting from trainings given by the cruise companies’ representatives.


Indeed, travel agents have to be prepared to travel in order to inform adequately their customers. That is why the travel industry, in collaboration with Vasco Travel, will offer you regularly different opportunities to go visit the world.